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How Important Is a Logo to Your Brand

If you want your business to success, a great logo is crucial.

People often confuse the meanings of brand and logo. A logo is a symbol or icon that identifies a business; it is essentially the face of your brand. The logo is the single visual representation of your company. It communicates everything your business stands for in a non-verbal way including your services, ethics, customer service and reputation. It is what makes you unique.

Setting yourself apart from other businesses in the marketplace can be tricky but a well designed logo will go a long way in anchoring your company in the minds of customers. Logos appear on everything including advertising, websites and even on office supplies! A poor logo can imply laziness and lack of ability. A bad logo is a real turn off for potential customers. When you are not there to represent your business in person, your logo does it for you. Seeking the help of a graphic design expert is crucial if you want to create a logo that will help you succeed and stand the test of time.

All the world’s most thriving companies understand the importance of good logo design. Take BP for example. This UK oil and gas company has enjoyed huge success since adopting a powerful new marketing strategy in the year 2000. The ‘beyond petroleum’ campaign established BP as a world leader in petroleum and renewable energy. The crux of the campaign was a new logo, named Helios after the ancient Greek sun god. BP describes the logo as “a sunburst of green, yellow and white symbolizing dynamic energy in all its forms”. The logo was a visual representation of the company’s renewed aspirations: ‘better people, better products, big picture, beyond petroleum.’ BP is now the third largest energy superpower in the world.

Well-designed logos are always unique and have their own special meaning. They are also easy to understand and remember. Is there a person in America, or anywhere in the world for that matter, who doesn’t recognize McDonald’s golden arches? Or the familiar white wave of the Coca Cola trademark? A graphic design expert can help you decipher what you want to convey through color, typography and visuals. There are psychological elements to consider too, for example curvy logos communicate trust while sharp angular designs represent speed.

If you are looking for the perfect logo for your business, why not check out Logo Mojo? This site offers expert design advice and incorporates your ideas into effective branding solutions. You could see a huge return on your revenue if you invest in a powerful new logo. You can get great discounts on design packages when you use Logo Mojo promo codes.

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