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Using HTML5 Features Tips and Benefits

The HTML5 is the latest version of HTML language however it is not supported yet by all browsers. Nonetheless, by next year there will be huge improvements in HTML5 until 2014. In the meantime, you can enjoy the new features this Hyper Text Markup Language has to offer. HTML5 may not be big yet the improvements it can provide are truly effective. Since HTML5 has different features for different browsers, it is very important to determine which features would go well with your browser before running HTML5 on your website. Selecting features not suitable for your browser can make you keep from enjoying the web quality this latest version offers you so be careful at this step to get fully benefited from its amazing features.

What’s New in HTML5 not available in Previous Versions?

HTML5 is simplified. When typing ‘doctype’ you just have to enter <!DOCTYPE html>. Adding video files and audio files on your website is easier because of the newly improved audio and visual support. Revising contents are made easy as well. Simply revise the texts then add “true” on the elements.

Creating images are faster with the provided canvass element. Input 2D image codes with ease. Navigate contents even when you are offline with the aid of app cache.

Actually, HTML5 is based on HTML4. Hence if you are running some features of HTML4 you can still keep it. Then, you can simply add new features from HTML5. For instance, you can create new features for viewing email on your mobile handset. As for users of IE6, they should expect a plain text. Knowledge in HTML5 helps a lot when you are running a website. The question is how you can create a well-designed website with the use of HTML.

7 Things to Keep in Mind While Using HTML5

Here are seven things you need to keep in mind to use HTML5 in a better way in our web design venture.

1. Relevancy is Imperative in Web Design

Make sure that you place the most relevant features of your website on top of your web screen. This way, viewers can easily see it and find what they are looking for. It saves time too because they no longer need to scroll down.

2. Use Eye-Catching Quality Elements to Attract Visitors

Grab the viewer’s attention by placing something that can make them stay. It could be something like a picture, text, video or graphics that is easily noticeable. Place it on the top of the page where it can be easily seen.

3. Don’t Overlook Meta Title Tag Importance

Highlight your page titles by using Meta. It is the best option when you are using HTML5. Moreover, search engines can easily see you when your page is in Meta form.

4. Highlight Links on Web Page

Emphasize the web links featured on your page. It should be in underlined form and in another color, like blue. In this way, viewers will easily recognize your links and help them navigate your webpage.

5. Test Run Your Website

Test-run your web pages by opening it on various browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, etc. This will help you determine if your website does not have problems when viewing with different types of browsers. Make sure that your website runs well when viewed. Trying out your website will help you fix the problem earlier.

6. Create 404 Page to Direct Visitors to Right Place

Provide a custom 404 on your website. It will help users to determine if they have entered your web address wrong. Then, you can simply forward them on your correct web address.

7. Create Quality Design and Stick to It

Design your website accordingly and stick to it. This means, you do not have to change your layout or web template from time to time because you will only confuse your viewers. Thus, pick the best layout that can stay for a longer period of time to avoid altering layouts.

These HTML 5 Tips can really help you in creating a good web design which will be able to attract visitors due to effective placement of web page elements and will also be a friendly site for search engine bots.

Advantages of Using HTML5

No doubt, HTML5 has been proved as one of the best web design languages today and a large majority of web designers prefer to use this powerful design language to add variety and versatility to their web design.

1- Loads Faster

The WebSockets made HTML5 load faster than before. So the main issue of slow loading which not only irritates the users but also impact upon the overall performance of site can be resolved by using this super fast web design language.

2- Access Mobile Apps Easily

HTML5 lets you use general codes which are suitable for all types of mobile devices. We know mobile devices are part of everyday life and smooth and flexible access to these devices have become a need of hour. So here again HTML5 offers you what you really need in today’s world.

3- Flexible Implementation

Create your website without limits. It means now you can modify the design and can edit it without being confined to certain limit. Flexibility is another feature which makes is a preferable choice for web designer today.

4- No Need for Extra Softwares

Directly input your codes for images, audio or video on your website without using lots of different softwares for it. It really saves a lot of time and effort in designing a great website.

5- Highly-Improved Looking Websites

Since the features of HTML5 keeps improving you will have better websites. It is another great benefit that you don’t have to have a stagnant design with no future improvement instead with continuous improvement in HTML5 standards and features you will also be.

So if you are going to use HTML5 in your design venture then this piece will really work for you understand what it offers, how to implement it and what benefits designers can have by using it. Moreover you can also consider creating free sites by online website builder easy to use for everyone without having any designing skill or expertise at all.

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    HTML5 has very advanced features to design website easily and also implement new concepts in website. I have worked with HTML5 and it’s really a great experience. The used tags in HTML5 as , and many others are useful to make coding easily. I glad to find effective features of HTML5 here.

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