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Gorgeous Fur Fashion For 2010/2011

As you already know from my post about Leopard Prints for 2010 and  Clothing trends and Colors for 2011 fur is a hot trend for the current season. Natural fur, artificial fur, red fur, green fur, fur outfits or fur details – all these are top trendy. And if you like fur it’s high time you got a few garments made of it.

With my own views closer and closer to vegetarian I can’t advise you to wear natural fur but who am I to forbid that to you? However, I do believe that both natural and artificial fur looks chic and beautiful. And there is no chance I would deny the fact it’s very warm that means it’s perfect for winter. So, no matter what you think about this trend it is still a trend. And here I am to show you how you can wear it.

Marc Jacobs wasn’t as fur generous but he abounded his designs with fur, too. Having focused on collars and lower sleeves Marc did a great job to integrate the hot trend into his collection.

Etro used various colors of fur in their range and each looked interesting. I like the bright red tails on the pant suit a lot.

Speaking about colors I should mention Anna Sui who is famous for designing casual dresses of vibrant tones. In 2010/2011 collection she used orange, black, red, green and other hues of fur.

Most deigners used fur to add luxury to their creations. Nina Ricci is a good example of this. The garments that looked great on their own turned into works of art when fur was attached to those.

See other designers using fur:

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