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Must Have Free Summer Wallpapers for 2012

Summer Wallpapers is a collection of hand picked wallpapers that we have collected through out popular websites in order for you to customize and prepare your computer and devices for Summer 2012. We have previously created an article about summer wallpapers in 2011 which had a huge impact specially in Google‘s search results, thus today we present to you some truly beautiful summer wallpapers.

The optimum desktop background color can vary greatly, based on what type of task you are trying to perform. An interesting extension on the British Columbia experiment would be to see if combining the colors red and blue would improve both analytical and creative output. Personally I would theorize that the nauseating combination, especially in a desktop background, would be more likely to have an adverse effect. (Continue Reading @ New York Times)

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Summer Wallpapers

All of the wallpapers below are high resolution free wallpapers for windows and macs. To download them simply click on the one you like. Then you be redirected to the official website of each wallpaper. Do you want to showcase your own wallpapers or photographs to our website? You can do so by submitting your work and we ll handle it from there.

wooden boat


free wallpaper


wallpapers free


summer wallpaper


green hill wallpaper


aqua fish wallpaper


luxury resort wallpaper


download wallpaper free


exotic summer beach


summer wallpapers

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