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Fantastic Illustrations By Bomboland Studio

I couldn’t find a suitable title for todays article that describes the fantastic illustrations by Bomboland studio. The smoothness of these illustrations is unique and you can observe how detailed they have designed each of their works. Below I have gathered some of the most creative projects from their website.

“It’s in Lucca and you can only get here on foot. We do the things you see written in the menu above, and we do them for the clients you see written in the list below. We try to do them well because we hate things done badly. We try to keep on doing them well because the recession can’t be an excuse for everyting. We try to be punctual because why should we make people wait? We try not to take ourselves too seriously because, ultimately, we make a living by drawing pictures.At Bomboland, you’ll find Maurizio at the drawing table, Elisa at the cutting table, and Missy every place, including forbidden ones, like the couch. Maurizio has been looking for the prefect chair for years, and it is sure to take the credit for the masterpiece he will soon make. Elisa keeps on failing to understand the connection between the chair and the masterpiece, but is sure he will make it soon. Missy keeps on sitting on the couch with impunity.”

The Guardian Weekend 2012: Illustration for The Guardian Weekend, for the column of Oliver Burkeman “This column will change your life:  In search of a great meal? Follow some foodie advice” Art director Bruno Haward

Fantastic Illustrations

Oprah Magazine 2012: Illustration for Oprah Magazine for the column “May we help you?”. March Issue

creative illustrations

AARP The Magazine 2011: Illustrations for AARP The Magazine for the article “Tap your house for cash”. October Issue

Fantastic illustrations


creative illustrations

Lekker Puh magazine 2011:  Illustration for the cover of Rotterdam magazine Lekker Puh. Issue #58. The theme of this issue was Trek! It’s a dutch word that means something like “appetite”.

creative illustrations

Atypica 2008 Paper-cut illustration for the argentine magazine Atypica. The title is “Buenos Vecinos”.

fantastic illustrations

Internazionale 2008 Illustrations for two articles for the italian magazine Internazionale. The articles was about the placebo effect.

Internationale 2008


fantastic illustrations

Nick Magazine 2009: Illustrations for the italian magazine Nick Magazine. There are 3 portraits of actors: Shia LaBeouf, Anita Caprioli and Paul Rudd



creative illustrations


fantastic illlustrations

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