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Extreme Architecture #9

Nykredit Headquarters, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, is one of the largest corporate buildings in Copenhagen and occupies an unparalleled location on the city’s central waterfront. Across nine of its ten stories, the complex is divided into two svelte office wings, separated by a spacious atrium. The structure is one large cubic volume of glass, steel and granite and stands as a gateway between water and city. The entrance level extends across the entire complex and incorporates the reception, art installations, lecture hall and a broad main staircase that leads up to the atrium, the building’s heart. With its suspended meeting boxes and glazed lifts as well as transverse walkways and balcony floors, the space offers an aesthetically stimulating and inspirational working environment. The building’s generically urban design relates to the promenade and neighboring buildings and mediates the transition between city and harbor.

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