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Environmental Friendly Flyers and Business Cards

Mareiner Holz has developed a whole range of techniques for finishinguntreated wooden boards in an environmentally friendly way. In doing so theydiscovered that each wood has its own unique character and therefore requiresindividual techniques in order for its true character to really shine. So muchmore than just flooring. Below you will find some of his finest business card designs along with some very creative print flyers.

When “Mareiner Holzindustrie” became simply “Mareiner Holz” it marked not only the adoption of a clear positioning strategy but alsothe establishment of “Wood Treatment” as a new market category. In addition, anemotional world was created by this courageous brand personality, which isespecially evident in the aesthetics of the company’s products: 100% naturalbeauty. As the company’s brand mark, Bert the woodpecker is the whimsicalrepresentative of the agile outdoorsmen.

New branding and positioning for Mareiner Holz, leading wood processor in Central Europe, by moodley brand identity.

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