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A Dedication to Edie Sedwicks Life

A Dedication to Edie Sedwick’s Life reminds to people who knows who she was and informed them who doesn’t know anything for her. Edie Sedwick born in Santa Barbara , California in April 20, 1943. She was an american actress, socialite, fashion model and fashion icon. She had played at Andy Warhol’s movies and she became “The Girl Of the Year” in 1965. That was the year she began going to the factory and Andy Warhol entered her in movies but her appearance were brief. They started photographed together and going at various social outings.

They continued making movies but after some conflicts their relationship deteriorated. Although after a year in Warhol’s inner circle  she had met Bob Dylan but their relationship ended when she learned that he had married. According to Paul Morrissey, Sedgwick had said: “They’re Dylan’s people going to make a film and I’m supposed to star in it with Bobby Dylan.’ Suddenly it was Bobby this and Bobby that, and they realized that she had a crush on him.

Several weeks before the December 29, 2006, one-week release of the controversial film Factory Girl, the Weinstein Company and the film’s producers interviewed Sedgwick’s older brother, Jonathan, who asserted that she “had an abortion of the child she was (supposedly) carrying by Dylan. Jonathan Sedgwick, a retired airplane designer, was flown in from Idaho to New York City by the distributor to meet Sienna Miller, who was playing his late sister, as well as to give an eight-hour video interview with details about the purported liaison between Edie and Dylan, which the distributor promptly released to the news media. Jonathan claims an abortion took place soon after “Edie was badly hurt in a motorcycle crash and sent to an emergency unit. As a result of the accident, doctors consigned her to a mental hospital where she was treated for drug addiction.” No hospital records or Sedgwick family records exist to support this story. Nonetheless, Edie’s brother also claimed “Staff found she was pregnant but, fearing the baby had been damaged by her drug use and anorexia, forced her to have the abortion. However, according to Edie Sedgwick’s personal medical records and oral life-history tape recorded less than a year before her death for her final film, Ciao! Manhattan, there is credible evidence that the only abortion she underwent in her lifetime was at age 20 in 1963.

In April 1967, Sedgwick began shooting Ciao! Manhattan, an underground movie. After initial footage was shot in New York, co-directors John Palmer and David Weisman continued working on the film over the course of the next five years. Sedgwick’s rapidly deteriorating health saw her return to her family in California, spending time in several different psychiatric institutions. In August 1969, she was hospitalized in the psychiatric ward of Cottage Hospital after being arrested for drug offenses by the local police. Sedgwick married Michael Post on July 24, 1971, and under his influence she reportedly stopped abusing alcohol and other drugs for a short time. Her sobriety lasted until October, when pain medication was given to her to treat a physical illness. She remained under the care of her physician, who prescribed her barbiturates, but she would demand more pills or claim that she had lost them in order to get more, and often combined the medications with alcohol.

After a party she had been Sedgwick expressed thoughts of uncertainty about their marriage to her husband. Before they both fell asleep, Post gave Sedgwick the medication that had been prescribed for her. According to Post, Sedgwick started to fall asleep very quickly, and her breathing was, “bad – it sounded like there was a big hole in her lungs,” but he attributed that to her heavy smoking habit and went to sleep.

When Post awoke the following morning, Edie Sedgwick was dead. The coroner ruled Sedgwick’s death as “undetermined/accident/suicide.

Sedgwick was buried in the small Oak Hill Cemetery in Ballard, California in a simple grave. Her epitaph reads “Edith Sedgwick Post – Wife Of Michael Brett Post 1943–1971.

The photo’s below are a dedication for Edie’s Sedwick life.

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