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Earn Cash By Selling Your Images Online

Right now, the economy is going through some hard times so people is looking for  new ways to make money.  Are you a photographer, illustrator or a graphic designer? If you want to earn money from home selling your images (illustrations, vectors or photos), continue reading!

Photaki, a microstock agency created by photographers and designers, now is one of the fastest growing archives of the Web.
How can you sell your files?
It’s time to dig out and make the most of your work. You’ll become a contributing photographer with one of the best commissions systems.
The first step is to sign up, creating a free account on PhotakiThey offer you up to 80% commissions on the sale of your images. The supported format is EPS, but you can make the image in any software you like such as Illustrator, Freehand, Xara or Corel Draw.
They also offer details of your sales in real timeunlimited storage of photos and detailed statistic on visits and sales. Not to forget about the exclusive professional portfolio for staff. This is just the free account.
If you have a large collection (at least 1000 images) they can help you automate the entire process of documentation and publication. Their affiliation program is one of the best in the market too: you can make money recommending customers or other contributors.
If you have any question, you can contact with them or write to info@photaki.com

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