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How to Detect a Font from an Image

I think everyone knows that finding a font based on an image is a huge pain, especially if you don’t know too much about typography. You will spend a lot of time guessing, searching on showcases or font databases, you will ask others to help you out and after all there is a high probability that this search will return nothing.

You can start an advanced search based on every particularity that you can see on that font, such as: is it a formal script, western, grunge, serif or not, grotesque, slab or old style? Besides these types, there are many others but if you write down every fitted criteria, then you may have a chance. But how much will it take? Too much time and if you have a tight deadline then you must start thinking on alternatives, which in most cases are not so great.

So, what can you do? Well, you should use a font detector. This is a system which analyzes the image and returns the best possible matching fonts. One of the best solutions of recognizing fonts from an image is whatfontis.com.

Let’s see how we can identify a font based on an image, step by step.

Step 1.  First of all, let’s choose an illustration. For this I have created the image below with our website’s name written using a font called Frontage. You can see the link, here: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/jurizaech/frontage/

Step 2. We’ll open whatfontis.com and upload the image. Optionally we can also search the font by its name, but it’s not the case here. Also, there are some options there such as to make the system display only free fonts or alternatives.

Step 3. We help the system by writing down each black character from the image. This is an important step for greatly reducing the false positive results.

Step 4. The system will return the first 100 fonts which are matching the image we just uploaded. As we can see, the search was successful.

Another great thing is that whatfontis.com doesn’t only show you the best result followed by the alternatives, but also more details such as the full name, its price if the font is not free and also from where to buy it.

As a conclusion, whatfontis.com is a reliable and very useful tool that any designer must know about.

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