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Decorating Ideas and Modern Interior Designs

Decorating Ideas are not easy to be found. Personally I couldnt find any well structured website to look for decoring ideas recently. Thats why today we present to you a beautiful collection of decorating ideas and also modern interior designs. Many of the decorating ideas and furniture bellow are modern and minimalistic and well, expensive. Some of the decorating ideas that we present below are outdoor wooden floors, compact kitchen design, modern lights, overhead shower concept, acrylic bathtub and some inspiring pompom rugs. The most creative of the decors below I found to be the wooden floor which is a nice idea. You can print online the images and go to someone that makes handmade furniture near your neighborhood and ask him if he can create anything similar.

Outdoor Wood Floors By Belloti

Larideck is a modular outdoor wood flooring system made by Bellotti. Made to fit on almost any surface, it’s super easy to install and remove so your wood floor can come with you or be adapted when you wish. Perfect for the poolside, for a garden path, for patio flooring and even for saunas. Larideck flooring is sure to give any outdoor space that refined finishing touch. Wood flooring is such a beautiful option for outdoor spaces because it ties in with nature perfectly, or it brings a unique warmth to a space that lacks natural elements – so either way it’s something special. Larideck flooring is available in a variety of different wood types, like mahogany, teak and iroko and as of lately.

Decorating Ideas


Decorating Ideas


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Artistic Walls By Mosarte

Inspired by modern Brazilian art and architecture, Mosarte introduces a new collection of wall tiles called Modern Art. When I saw these wall tiles, I couldn’t help but think what creative alternatives they would make to wood paneling. The are absolutely beautiful and would make an artisitc statement in any contemporary space. The relief of the organic shapes, arches and angles, straight lines and curves, give the tiles a very modern mid century appeal. The designs are cut using water jet technology, which allows for precise and intricate designs.

Decorating Ideas



Compact Kitchen by Snaidero

Snaidero introduces a modern kitchen with a smart, compact design. Designed by architect Pietro Arosio, this compact kitchen can be easily integrated into any space. As simple as the design may appear, it took some real creative effort to realize – they ended up with a sleek, simple solution to a potentially complex problem. The kitchen sits along one wall, with only one protruding module which holds the stovetop, work top and sink. The rest of the kitchen is neatly tucked away behind a smooth, uniform exterior, which doesn’t disrupt the eye, but keeps everything readily accessible. It really is a wonderful solution for space efficient loft-like living.


Decorating Ideas



Modern Lights By Cattelan Italia

If you like white pendant lights, you may be interested in the Artic pendant light by Cattelan Italia. Resembling a frosted icy surface textured by linear details like tracks in snow, it makes a strong statement but in a quiet, elegant way. Contrasted by color or blending in to a white, neutral scheme. These lights have the potential to add that finishing touch to your interior and play a key role in your lighting scheme. Cattelan Italia makes a whole range of interior products, all made in Italy.



Overhead Shower By Ponsi

Ponsi bring chromotherapy to the bathroom in a unique way with Colore, a ceiling mounted overhead shower. We’ve all seen tubs that incorporate chromotherapy, but a shower head is a nice new idea. With nine different colors, Colore offers fun design and mood possibilities for your bathroom space. Need to relax? Need to be energized? Set the appropriate color for the most inspiring shower ever. The simple rectangular-shaped enclosure made in soft silicon material and houses an ultra-thin stainless steel shower head. This sleek fixture is also equipped with an anti-scale and anti-drip system. Colore emits LED light in 9 different colors, and can also be purchased in the wall version or even suspended on four stainless steel wires.


Acrylic Bathtub by Glass Idromassagio

If you are looking for a unique acrylic free standing bathtub, Hilo by Glass Idromassagio might be a great option. It’s majestic and powerful yet quite elegant – the perfect combination for a contemporary bathroom space. Clearly, the linear outer casing is the most visually interesting feature and makes it stand apart from other freestanding tubs. The textural element is very strong with the Hilo design. We’ve never really seen another tub quite like it. Glass strives for innovation and creative solutions for bathrooms and spas – Hilo is right in line with that.


Pom Pom Rugs By MYK

Lastly we present to you these stunning Rugs that can most definitely be fun when you choose one from the Bommel collection by MYK. The German word Bommel means pom-pom, which is exactly what these rugs are all about. The pom-poms are skillfully hand crafted from high quality wool, which are then combined to create these cozy rugs. Almost like soft sculptures, these rugs are sure to add a unique flavor to any space. The founder of MYK is fashion designer Myra Klose, who takes inspiration from fashion, art and interior design to create unique pieces for the home.



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