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Creative and Silk Fonts for Web Design Use

The demand for silk fonts recently has been increased because people turned from quantity to quality. I remember back in the days some designers having 20.000  or 50.000 fonts for photoshop which is a sick number in my opinion. Personally as a part time graphic and web designer I like to keep my font library clean and neat meaning that I carefully choose which fonts I install. I have made this beautiful and creative collection of silk fonts today in order to show you some of the best fonts I’ve found from the internet. You may see, bold, regular, wide and minimal fonts in the collection below and I am sure that you will certainly find something useful for your next project.


Signika is a sans-serif with a gentle character, developed for wayfinding, signage, and other media where clarity of information is required. It has a low contrast and tall x-height to improve readability of texts in small sizes as well as in large distances from the reader. The typeface comes with a wide character set supporting most of the Eurpoean languages, small caps, pictograms and arrows. The figures are designed as tabular. Being a typical signage typeface it is inspired by typefaces such as Ronnia, Meta, and Tahoma. All weights from Light to Bold have alternative Negative versions, optimised to solve the effect of juxtaposed positive and negative text setting, where the text in negative tends to look thicker.

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Adec 2.0

A silk typeface that can be used even for branding.

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Chrome Light

Chrome light is a free light version of an upcoming font “Chrome” It is available in two variations: Chrome light and Dark. With Full set of letters, numbers and four punctuation marks. The Rest of the glyphs willbe available in full version. The font is free and can be used for any type of graphic design, print design or either Web Design.

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Code Font

You can use code typeface bold for great headings and titles but also the light version for minimal “body” text.

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Seattle Font

Sans-serif modular experimental typeface. It was inspired by the early 20th Century avant-garde artistic movements, especially the American Art Déco and the typographic experiments by Herbert Bayer at the Bauhaus. Built from circular and straight modules, which are intended to be complemented and combined to achieve a great amount of alternates and ligatures for each character.

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Cassannet is a great for Titles. It’s slik and unique edges make stand from the regular fonts.

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Bariol Typeface

A beautiful rounded font-family designed by atipo and based on sans serif.

Beautiful and silk fonts

Legion Lab Typeface

beautiful typeface

Sreda Slab Serif

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The new Solomon type family includes 12 very unique design styles. These twelve designs are divided into two main style groups – text family and display (or decorative) family. The Solomon text pack is characterized by excellent legibility, well-finished geometric designs, optimized kerning etc. Solomon is most suitable for headlines of all sizes, as well as for text blocks that come in both maximum and minimum variations. The Solomon deco pack is created using ornamental work with organic forms at the heart of the design base. The use and combination of both groups – deco and text family, is highly recommended in order to attain maximum desired effects.

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First appearing as a Numeral Set, Ribbon is now a full display face, including Opentype features for an alternate alphabet and a border set. You can download Ribbon for any price you want (type in zero to test drive it for free!) The same goes for the other fantastic Lost Type fonts.

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Vastagurly Font

Vastagurly Fonts

HomeStead Font

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