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Creative Graphic of Categories By Patrik Svensson

Yesterday while I was catching up with Patrik Svenson he told me about his recent project for Jashanmal Books’. Patrik has designed some beautiful graphics which will be the main category signs that will communicate to customers what genres or products they can expect to find on a given shelf. I think you will find the graphics below pretty interesting. You can also visit Patrik’s shop to take a look at his products.
Patrik Svensson, living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. If you have any enquires about commissions or simply want to tell me how your day was, please direct your email to patrik@princehat.se. Phone: +46(0)706640409. Represented by Agent Molly & Co. Elin can be reached at elin@agentmolly.com.
For Jashanmal Books’ refurbished Mall of the Emirates store in Dubai and a brand new store in Kuwait, I was commissioned to create a set of category signs that communicate to customers what genres/products they can expect to find on a given shelf, table or area. The 2 x 1 meter large signs are mounted on light boxes along the walls in the shops.

I wish I could express how much pleasure I found in this project. It was pure joy to get the opportunity to collect a mixture of vibe based illustrations and visual tricks under one roof.

Other Clients

Among others: The Telegraph Magazine, Bonnier Publishing, Wired UK, Arena Group, Dagens Nyheter, ICON Magazine, New Scientist, GQ Australia, Jashanmal Group, Prevention Magazine, The Independent.

creative graphic


creative graphic

creative graphic


creative graphic

















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  • http://twitter.com/RowerBase Rower Base

    wow, these are quite nice. you did a great job in making these look really unique despite them dealing with familiar subjects.

    • http://www.smokingdesigners.com/ Evan Varsamis

      Yeap they look great :)