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Creative Portrait Ideas for Boys and Girls

Chances are when a person listens to the word “portrait” he think of something similar to this: “Plain, black and white background. Concentrate on the face. Everyone see the camera now and express, “Cheese!” (Too yearbook-ish type, right?). While a good portrait should undoubtedly highlight the matter, it should also grab the fact of the subject’s nature and best attributes. Here are a few creative portrait ideas that will make your headshots from “common” to “incredible”

Creative Portrait Ideas for Girls

Go Green!: Opt for a recreation area with a vast lush green yard or one that is layered with plants, which have dried leaves dropped beneath them. You can decide on an early morning photo, as the sun arises, or take one in the evening. The apparel for this option can be simple jeans and a shirt in a golden-yellow or rust color. Put on a brownish jacket with it, plus a nice woolen muffler around the neck to prevent yourself by the biting cold. Let your hair loose, or simply clip front hair.

Arty Smarty: If you are more into an arty stuff, then this one is a good suggestion for you. Opt for the place which has a darkish wall for the background. Then, scrounge around for a big chair with furniture that contrasts the background and has a simple elegant design. Cream, light tan, and light gold are the colors you can select. For garments, you can consider skirts in two designs. You can wear a blouse or a skirt that suit your mood. For the position, you can sit with the legs clinging down or strike a stunning position with your legs intersected and place your hands on your arm-rests.

Creative Portrait Ideas for Boys

Fast and Furious: Boys love cars. So how about including this love for automobiles in your portrait? Pick a vehicle that you wish to pose with. It may be your own, your family member’s, your friend’s, or one from a car seller’s showroom. Just select the car, and tell the concerned individual that you want to take a photo with it. Next stop, apparel! The dresses that you wear must complement and match up with the car.

Down or up: If you are involved in any sports at college, you can make use of the specific sport related stuff as a prop. And if you are more into indoor pursuits like artwork or literary works, you can try a color palette and easel, or an e-book as a prop. If you are choosing the sports prop, use formal shorts with a tee shirt and match light shades to contrast the black stairway. And if you are choosing the book or color palette, then wear casual dresses.

There are a lot more creative portrait ideas that you can explore for the perfect portraits. These were only a few. Just make certain that you realize the kind of impression you will be making for yourself with this image.

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