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Super Inspiring and Creative Portfolio of Raewyn Brandon

Today we present to you the super inspiring and creative portfolio of Raewyn. We have showcased some of her most popular projects that includes brochure printing, posters, publications and web design. If you click on each project’s title you will get redirected to her behance portfolio. If you want to showcase your work to our website you can submit your portfolio and we ll take it from there.

Raewyn Brandon is a passionate Graphic Designer from New Zealand. The saying ‘less is more’ has highly influenced Raewyn Brandon’s design style. Her work represents simplicity and minimalism with high attention to detail. She believes in creating well thought-out work that has strong conceptual ideas behind the design. She thinks each element has a reason and intent in the design, just like the quote “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Creative Portfolio’s from Other Designers

WWF Climate Change Publication – Poster

At current levels, unless we contain global warming under 2°C, by 2050 one third of all animal species will be at risk of extinction and two billion people will be left without drinking water.

For this project we were required to make a fold out publication / poster as a handout to raise awareness of this issue. The specifications simply restricted the design to an A3 size paper.

My conceptual direction for this brief was to use bold typography and statistics to capture the audience. The large contrasting text make the brochure easy to flick through, reading the key facts quickly. The statistic shown through the small icons in the animals make a strong connection with the word extinction which then creates the shock factor as the audience understands it.

creative portfolio


WWF Climate


publication design


poster design


creative portfolio


global warming

Pams Budget Range – Packaging

The Pams range of products is New Zealand’s largest food retailers with low prices aimed at the general public.

Our brief was to redesign Pams as a budget range to appeal to their existing target audience. We were given specific information to be included and the restriction of one font and one color mixed with black and white for each item.

My approach was to create sticker labels that could be slapped on boxes and cans to minimize costs. I chose 3 very bold standards colours to stand out from other brands. Along with the color the vertical numbers stand out against contrasting horizontal text of other brands. The barcodes and basic, minimal information give a very budget feeling to this range.



creative portfolio


package design


milk package design

Hello Design Conference Standards Manual – Branding

Hello is a New Zealand based Design Conference, showcasing the best of contemporary New Zealand designers. It is a 3-day inspirational and interactive conference involving speakers, a design gallery and workshops. Hello welcomes designers from across the globe to experience and discover New Zealand’s innovative design industry and friendly, welcoming environment.

This was a project which involved creating a brand that targeted an overseas market, selling an aspect of New Zealand. The requirements was so create a brand guidelines.

welcome brochure


creative portfolio


our color





Raewyn Brandon Portfolio – Website

Her very own portfolio website featuring all of her design work. A very simple, clean and super minimal design clearly representing her personal design style and letting her work show without any clutter.



mobile portfolioEnvironment Waikato Annual Report – Publication

This project involved designing an annual report for Environment Waikato. The design direction I came up with was very simple and clean using a very eco, green colour scheme. The features of my design was the green paper dividing the sections, the Japanese Stab binding and the quirky graphs

environmental annual report


creative portfolio


typography report

DEKA Clothing Brand – Logo, Poster

DEKA is a high fashion New Zealand made and designed label, which offers an eclectic collection of pre-loved clothing and accessories. DEKA selects and recreates each unique piece with a style that is innovative and edgy. DEKA entices fashionable individuals aged 18-25 who aren’t defined by obvious trends, but who venture out for unique pieces with personality. DEKA strongly values originality and provides their audience with one-off exclusive designs with the quality that stands strong in the market.

This project involved recreating the old ‘DEKA’ brand name into something new. The brief was to create a logo for the new brand and a poster to advertise.

deka clothing logo


deka clothing




deka logo

Meet Evan Varsamis

Evan Varsamis is driven by his passion for technology, innovation and vision of an ever improving and informative web. The company he founded, Cloudie Co. is a testament of that. Evan is constantly seeking to invest in new startup projects that support his vision.