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Craziest Computer Desks You’ll Ever See

When the average person starts shopping for a computer desk, they might start their search on a budget. They check out places like Walmart, Target, or Amazon to find the perfect desk. Note: they could also visit other online stores, like this gem of a site which we consider to be the best place to buy a quality computer desk online.

Someone with a bigger budget may begin their search by seeking out craftsman who design custom desks. These are the type of desks that are usually made of rich woods (mahogany, cherry, etc) and wind up being an heirloom to pass through the generations.

But for the person who wants a completely unique and crazy computer desk to add to their collection, the following desks might just fit the bill.

The Official COMPUTER Desk

The computer IS the desk, and the desk IS the computer. Popular Mechanics built this ostentatious little beauty just to see if they could do it. As you can see, all the components of your typical PC are mounted beneath the surface of the structure of the desk, so you can watch your computer hard at work loading your game of Bejeweled.

Source: http://www.designlaunches.com/furniture/computer_and_desk_design_that_shows_the_anatomy_of_your_system.php

If The Door Is Closed, Don’t Bother Me

A computer desk with a door? Oh, what will they think of next! Actually, this console is more for gamers (hence the surround sound capabilities). They should just take it one step further, enclose the whole thing, nail everything down and make a mobile hamster ball of a desk!

Source: http://www.geekologie.com/2007/10/battlerig-pro-gaming-desk-has.php

Exercise for Computer Geeks

Now you can stay glued to your computer even when working out! This desk workstation from Steelcase combines a treadmill with a computer station (for over $6K!). Of course, you can drag your treadmill over to a standing workstation for free, so not sure how cutting edge this is.

Source: http://www.geekologie.com/2007/10/the-walkstation-is-not-for-thi.php

Not much to be said about this pump organ steampunk computer desk, since it is just pure awesomeness. The major components of the desk are ACTUAL antiques form the Victorian era. Some period reproductions and salvaged items were included as well. The computer is fully integrated with the desk – and those cool speakers on the end? Yup, they actually work.
Source: http://craziestgadgets.com/2010/04/07/very-impressive-pump-organ-steampunk-computer-desk-workstation/

Resistance is Futile

A sci-fi nerds dream, this desk was inspired by the cyborg alien race from Star Trek known as the Borg. Though most of what you see is sculpted foam, it does have internal lighting and kinetic elements. It is built around 2 columns though, and sturdy enough to use for real.

Source: http://www.eyecandyprops.com/?p=607

Park Your Classic Car In Your Office!

This Mini Statement Car Desk is probably a hit with old men and little boys alike. There are other “car desks” around, but this one goes the full monty where others just tease with their tail lights. The entire desk IS a car, instead of just taillights. Perfect for the classic car enthusiast whose home is filled with nothing but automobile paraphernalia.

Source: http://www.bornrich.com/entry/4422-mini-statement-car-desk/

My Precious

Like something out of Lord of the Rings, this is the front desk of the Duomo Hotel in Rimini, Italy, designed by Ron Arad. Not much to say about it, except that the receptionist may suffer from the occasional seizures if it’s as lit as it appears in the picture.

Source: http://www.guidebook.se/archives/316

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