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Achieving a good web design interface is very hard because there are dozens of variables. In my opinion in nowadays if you want your website to rock it must have a clean and minimal design and no, I dont mean black and white with just text but a friendly page that it will be eye-friendly and easy to navigate with out many distracting Adsense boxes and advertisements. The speed of the website is also something to conceder, if it takes more than 6 seconds for your website to load you loose more than 60% of your traffic, its a fact. By the way for website design in london we strongly recommend  website design manchester.

On the other hand in order to achieve great speeds and low response times you need either to purchase an expensive dedicated server or to have a super minimal (empty) website with a few elements, nothing of the above might work for everyone and so you need to find a balance between those two and at the end of the day you have to conceder the design witch is the most obvious part for a visitor.

Here are a few tips that I can give you to accomplish good load times with stunning design

  • Find a theme that supports latest technologies like HTML5 instead of flash
  • Dont use too many facebook and twitter buttons and if you do at least use the direct links from the official websites
  • Hire a professional to configure your server and in case you have a cache plugin hire someone that knows how to configure it, it worth’s it ($150-$400)
  • Use Adobe Fireworks for PNG images and export them as “Flattened PNG” (it decreases the image size even 80%)
  • Use CSS Sprites
  • Combine your Java and CSS code
  • Use multiple folders to load your images
  • Use Cloudflare

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