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Indoor Hammock Bed

Cool Interior Design For A Small House

Living in a small place can be frustrating. Space may be not enough for your belongings, or it may not feel like home. Having a place that feels like yours and projects your identity to the people who enter it is a necessity to many. However, small pieces can make a huge difference. Here are 8 picks that are functional and decorative and give a house the touch that makes it stand out in spite of being small.
Tree Ring Lights by Judson BeaumontThe Tree Ring Lights by Judson Beaumon for Straight Line Design may occupy space on the pavement, which if you live in a studio flat can appear a problem at first sight, but the light they diffuse shines through the dark, creating a magic atmosphere and avoiding people to stumble upon them by mistake with painful consequences. By day, when not in use, they give the house a rustic look, peculiar to find in the age of geometric minimalism.

My Lounge Chair by Ulla Koskinen
Woodnotes’ “My,” designed by Ulla Koskine, is the grown-up version of the beanie bag the average kid used to jump and play with at kindergarten. Available also in a longer version called “Roo,” it is an easy to move around alternative to a couch, and the way you can play with your armchairs leaves space to creativity a couch wouldn’t leave. It can as well act as an emergency bed for friends who drank too much at your latest dinner party.
Pipes corner library
When the resources and space are little, you have to be creative. Stella Blue Designs came up with an idea to reuse pipes to make a bookshelf that makes good use of the corners. Corners are, in fact, a widely untreasured resource for organisation, and your average bookshelf doesn’t appear that cool even when put in the corner.
Mine fireplaceThe same industrial theme is what inspired Mati Karmin to create the Mine fireplace, reusing exhausted mines. The peculiar position of it on a column instead than in a wall makes it possible to walk around and redefines the uses of space.
Multi-use cushion surface with added table
Functionality is the heart of the Sweet Talk and Dream seating unit by Matali Crasset for Campeggi. It is a multi-function soft surface with incorporated table that can be used anywhere between a bed and a pique-nique table, and can easily be closed away in a relatively small space.

A set of wooden cylinders on a wall opens to various decorative and functional solutions to make a great use of an otherwise dead surface, and when the space is little, every surface counts.
Indoor Hammock Bed
This is the same principle applied by this indoor hammock bed by Ooda. Not only it makes use of surfaces otherwise forgotten, but it is itself another one to benefit from.
Designer seats in minimalistic but cosy style
Further conjugation of the concept is the choice of seats like those picked by Hilary Robertson in the styling of this room, which perfectly fit under the table and look peculiar.

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