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Grow your own vegetables in your own kitchen

Cool Decorating Ideas for Your House

Today’s article “cool decorating ideas is about interior design and hopefully it will inspire you to decorate your house. Different cultures have different meaning for a color. In the US, green means money (dollars are green whatever their value is, on the contrary of other countries that are more creative when coming to their currency), but in most Western countries, it is linked to spring and new birth and the environment. It is a color that gives a sense of serenity so, whether you believe in New Age or not, it may be a good idea to make your home a little greener.

Stylish Green Bed Linen

Green wall decorated with flowers by De Gournay

You can do it literally, by buying green bed linen or a green set of plates or paint the wall like they were a rose garden, but bringing the real green of Nature into your home has now become a cool (and mostly eco-friendly) option.

A small bouquet of plants and flowers can be a start. You do not have to rely on design solutions like those by Louise Hederström to make your green corner look cool.

Multi-function design planter Willow by Louise Hederstrom

DIY and recycling are the trend of the moment, and it offers a wide range from a vase made with old chest of drawers, to one made with a jute sack.

Jute sack with flowers

Planters made with old drawers

More daring people may opt for a bigger presence of green in their home, even without reaching the excess of transforming theirs into a garden itself, or building it in a forest without much separation between the building and the green.

Grass house in Austria by Weichlbauer, Reinhold and Ortis

Combination of artificial interiors and nature

Thanks to Hyundai Engineering and Construction and Gromo, it’s now possible to grow your own garden in your kitchen, to have fresh and healthy food at low impact on the environment and reduced costs, but also a stylish minimalist design piece in your green home.

Grow your own vegetables in your own kitchen

Minimalist and geometric are also the shape of Jardin Chic’s pet planters. It is the combination of a small pet home with a vase for green plants or flowers, to enhance the natural allure of having an animal friend, or a plant.

Pet house which functions as a planter too

An alternative to a living plant, that requires cures and may cause allergies, may be a green tree library. If it doesn’t look real, it certainly looks inspiring, especially in a children’s room.

Bookshelf in the shape of a tree

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