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Contemporary and Cozy Apartments From Europe

Contemporary  and cozy apartments is a beautiful collections of houses that are great either for a couple or a college student. We have gathered a 3-4 different apartment and we are showcasing each and every one of them with a small review.

Small and Cozy Apartment in Sweden

Seeing this charming small apartment especially developed for the students in Sweden makes one reconsider the idea of college dorms. With a total living area of 39 square meters, the apartment is situated in a lovely building from the late 1800s and features beautiful woodwork, tall paned windows and black electrical outlets, reminiscent of the area’s historical background. According to Stadshem, a complete renovation of the small crib recently took place, with the addition of a new kitchen with state-of-the-art integrated appliances. The apartment has a practical layout, with an open plan living room and kitchen area and a flood of daylight from the six windows. The ceiling height is 2.8 meters and has unobstructed views of the river and green space adjacent to the sports facilities across the water. All walls are painted in light gray against the white-oiled pine floor.


cozy apartment




cozy apartment for college student



cozy apartment



cozy apartment



Elegant Apartment in Moscow

Located in the Zelenograd region of Moscow, this elegantly designed apartment spreads over 200 square meters – enough space to let creativity flow and compose a suite of spaces that would become the owner’s dream home, as well as a source of inspiration for others. Designers Alexander and Polina Fedorova of architectural studio Alexandra Fedorova united design forces to create the stunning interiors of this luxurious apartment. Occupied by a young family of three, the flat showcases high-quality details in all its spaces, be they private or public.

elegant apartment (1)


elegant apartment (2)


elegant apartment (3)


elegant apartment (4)


elegant apartment (5)


elegant apartment (6)


elegant apartment (7)


elegant apartment (8)


elegant apartment (9)


elegant apartment (10)


elegant apartment (11)


elegant apartment (12)

Small and Clever Cozy Apartment

Situated in a building from the early 1900s, this small and cleverly planned apartment found on Stadshem is a subtle fusion of old and new. With a total living area of 65 square meters and two rooms, the place seems full of space and light. White is the predominant color throughout in this Gothenburg home, aesthetically contrasting the masonry red brick wall and the tasteful furniture additions. The entire crib is centered around an open plan living area, connected to the kitchen. Flooded in natural light and featuring plenty of seating space, this interior is an open invite to socializing. The hall seems elongated with abundant daylight from the surrounding rooms and offers plenty of hidden storage space. One of the most peaceful interiors of the apartment is the bedroom, with its cozy, king-sized bed and lovely desk by the window.




cozy apartment



cozy apartment




cozy apartment




cozy apartment



cozy apartment




cozy apartment europe


cozy apartment

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