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Collaborative Web Design Benefits Tools and Application

Thanks to the Internet we can find people that share the same interests as us. It has made communication much easier and nowadays people use it to find work, friends, dates and many other things. From my experience, I’ve noticed that the internet is a great choice to look for people to work with you on different projects. One of the best examples is collaborative web design teams. Gathering several web designers in one place gives you a wide array of ideas and knowledge, so the final result is always great. Here are some reasons why collaborative web design is a good idea.

1)Brainstorming Ideas and Sharing Experiences

As the old saying goes “Two heads are better than one”. The same applies for web design. Having several professionals working on the same project is a guaranteed success. The combination of their skills, experience and knowledge will allow them to avoid big mistakes, come up with better ideas and deliver a more qualitative final product. Some members of the team will specialize in HTML while others in Photoshop graphics or CSS styles. Better specialization will certainly improve the final result.

2) Handling Multiple Projects and Meeting Strict Deadlines

Working on a project alone has several advantages, but one huge disadvantage – you can’t do your job in a short amount of time. One of the biggest of working in a team is that you can meet deadlines and spread all the work evenly. Being part of a team will allow you to work on multiple projects at once and finish each one of them before the deadline. You may even use project management or alm tools to further boost productivity.

3) Combinations of Ideas and Styles to Produce Stunning Creation

Just like artists, designers have their own unique style. Working with several designers at once will take the best of each style and create a combination that will look stunning. Keep in mind that this can be a problem, especially if you are having a difficult time making compromises for others, but you should put your differences apart and work together for the client.

4) Vast Scope of Learning by Experts and Creative Personals

Working with other people allows you to learn from their experience and knowledge. Remember that freelancing is just a small part of your education and you can’t be a freelancer forever. Working in a team allows you to take the best skills of your partners and make your individual projects better.

5) Quick Delivery and Implementation of Ideas

Ideas are the foundation of any website. Meaningless how rich your imagination is you’ll reach a point where you won’t be able to come up with anything original and interesting. Working with a team of designers will allow you to quickly come up with ideas for your projects.

Of course, ideas are always important and you will have to keep thinking while working on the project. You and your partners will share your ideas and discuss which of them should be developed further.

Effective Tools for Collaborative Web Design

No web design venture can reach its final destination without incorporating best tools suitable and available at the moment. Same is the case with collaborative web design. Designers also use various effective tools to give their ideas a new life by sharing in a collaborative environment. Here are discussed some useful tools for collaborative web design success designer are using today.

1) Marqueed

This is a free of cost collaborative design tool to upload and share images. Images can be added with label and descriptions. You not only can upload multiple images you want to share but can also drag images from web to marqueed according to your requirements.

2) Canvasdropr

As marqueed can be used to share images, canvasdropr can be used to share files. It supports multiple file types including MS office documents. You can use the canvas as a blank paper where you can add files from Instagram or google drive to create impressive presentation that can be synchronized with various mobile devices as well.

3) Cage

This tool allows you to get feedback on images shared among designers. You not only can receive contextual feedback but can also add tasks to have engaging experience by using its web-based collaborative interface. This tool is specifically designed to support collaborative web designing projects so it can be considered a must-have in collaborative design toolbox.

4) ConceptBoard

This is whiteboard tool for designers for collaboration by sharing concepts and ideas, managing projects and getting productive feedback to conclude the actual concept. Teams of designers can work through this significant design tool to maintain and complete their creative projects.

5) BinFire

Binfire can be used as a project management tool in collaborative web design venture. It is basically used for team project follow-ups but it can also be used in web designing due to the presence of whiteboard facility. That is why web developers and designers prefer to use Binfire as a powerful collaborative tool for effective project management.

6) GroupZap

As the name indicates it has been designed for group activity. Designers can use its sticker system to move buttons on a whiteboard to share different ideas. It is considered a user friendly collaborative tool for brainstorming creative ideas.

Today collaborative web design is being used for making websites got easier. It’s a great way to get more inspirations from creative designers around the world and to enhance creativity in new design projects. Shared experiences, broad canvas to get ideas and positive feedbacks can help creating stunning projects within tight deadlines while learning a lot from professionals in this creative venture.

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