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Chocolate, Cheese and Web Design

ALLYOU.net is currently one of the most promising internet start-ups from the land of cheese and chocolate. The professional web-publishing solution for creatives captivates through stylish looks and easy handling. A small but highly motivated team runs the service with inspiration and passion – the ingredients for its growing success in the international creative community.

Switzerland is mostly famous for its idyllic alpine charm and delicious cheese. But the little country is on the rise: Zurich has recently developed an ambitious start up scene, aiming to challenge places like London or Berlin. Especially a new generation of visionary internet enterprises is gaining increasing international recognition.

ALLYOU.net is such a rising star on start-up-heaven. When Christian Weber, designer from Zurich, first had the idea for an online portfolio tool, he sure did not imagine its rapid development. Initiated in 2011, ALLYOU.net has already become an independent, flourishing company. This year, ALLYOU takes it to the next level, paving the way for further growth: The Swiss entrepreneurs have recently started cloud-hosting the service and introduced a free version to push the number of users.


“The special thing about ALLYOU is its high design standard and adaptability“ says Weber, “whether our customers needs a simple gallery, a classy online portfolio or a stylish website for their business – ALLYOU is the perfect choice. It’s a code-free tool, easy to use for everyone and individually customizable.”

Christian Weber knows what he’s talking about. The designer has been working in the business for over a decade; first as a lecturer at the renowned Zurich University of the Arts and since 2001 as the Creative Director of his own agency Plasmadesign. The idea for ALLYOU was born when he realized that many of his clients basically asked for the same thing: A nicely designed website to show and share their work. The existing web-publishing tools were too “nerdy” and complicated, while simple blogs or social networks cannot provide the required professional appearance of an online portfolio.

 “Your work is what’s important in your online portfolio. No matter if you are a freelancers or an agency, a graphic designer, photographer, artist, architect or stylist: showcasing yourself and your work is essential! ALLYOU is a great alternative for creatives who haven’t got the time (or money), to waste on expensive webdesigners”, says Weber.


With ALLYOU, everyone can be a webdesigner. A variety of starter templates and simple drag-and-drop functions enable the users to set up and customize a website in just a few clicks. It’s possible to embed and share multi-media content and to integrate several social media features. Professionals can sell selected items directly on the site through PayPal. Top creatives from all over the world appreciate the user friendly handling and the freedom to adapt and update their site any time, any place. The service is free for everyone with upgrade-options for advanced users.

Christian Weber and his team, work steadily to improve the service and to develop new features. One idea is to enhance the creative potential of their users: Social features like sharing options or comment functions within the ALLYOU community could open doors for the professional exchange between colleagues, a platform for freelance jobs or creative collaborations.

ALLYOU.net is a typical internet start-up: There are several competitors in the field with a similar service and only few of them will survive. Clever investments, innovations and the right timing are the key to success. But in the end, it all comes down to passion and inspiration. And that’s the true potential of ALLYOU.

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Evan Varsamis is driven by his passion for technology, innovation and vision of an ever improving and informative web. The company he founded, Cloudie Co. is a testament of that. Evan is constantly seeking to invest in new startup projects that support his vision.