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Building websites – The Fastest and Easiest Way

If you ever tried to build your website you probably have noticed how time consuming can it be. And the ugliest part is certainly the one when you need to code the design you made. That’s because in most cases, let’s be honest, you’re not a development guru and thus you’ll be losing a lot of hair trying to fix the errors that will inevitably appear.

So what’s the solution? Well you might try to hire someone or you might ask some guys to transform your page from a .psd to an html one. How much it will cost you? Well, so much that you would rather prefer to forget about the website that you’ve also dreamed of having.

So, what’s the solution? Well, until recently there wasn’t one. Yet, some really smart guys have decided to end all this pain and have created a magic tool with which you can easily create any website that your heart desires.

Don’t think that this possible? The guys at IM Creator will tell you otherwise. That’s because they have created this immensely time saving free website builder that will make your dream project come through. Moreover, it’s so simple to use that even your dog could build his own online portfolio.

Believe it or not, only 3 steps are required from the beginning to the end. Now, let’s see how magic works in practice.

Step 1

You choose the template you like from a list of free awesome templates. There are 5 important categories: designers, artists, photographers and portfolios.

Step 2

You then customize the template.  And here everything the costumization is basically limiteless as you can modify anything, starting with text, pictures and ending with each individual page of your template. And you’ll be doing this in just a couple of clicks.

Step 3

You might thing that there comes the hardest part. However, the only thing that you’ll have to here is to click the publish button and you’re done. If this wasn’t cool enough you’ll get the chance to give your website a name and have your own e-mail address.

There you have it! The website of your dreams, built in 30 minutes, free of charge and extremely good looking. The guys from imcreator.com certainly deserve an award for putting up such a useful and wonderful tool to use.

Meet Evan Varsamis

Evan Varsamis is driven by his passion for technology, innovation and vision of an ever improving and informative web. The company he founded, Cloudie Co. is a testament of that. Evan is constantly seeking to invest in new startup projects that support his vision.