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Advertising for an Irish pub playing with the height of letters to suggest a message by writing another

Brilliant and Creative Advertising Inspirations

In a world more and more digital, advertising seems to many a long lost art. In fact, it’s precisely art what keeps advertising alive and strong. Creatives all around the globe face each day a challenge, which is to break through a crazy competition to spread a message potential customers will actually listen to (listen figuratively, as advertising is not only on TV or radio).
The times when you could just rely on a nice picture and your brand seem the age of dinosaurs, when they were only up to 50 years ago.
Belle Epoque advertising poster by Privat-LivemontIt is still possible to rely on the image and brand advertising model nowadays, but images really have to stand out or, if you have a recognisable brand, they need to be undoubtedly yours.
George Clooney in the famous "What else?" advert for NespressoA celebrity endorsing the brand is not necessary for this advertising model to work, as the Swedish design brand IKEA is famous for their campaigns as much as for their products.
Funny advert for Swedish design brand IKEA, promoting a shoe cabinetThe colossus of eyewear Rayban is a name among the many who go for beautiful images where the product, while present, is not the core of the ad. It is a format very used in fashion, as the products make it for a casual involvement in a scene that appears like real life.
A couple kissing in the middle of a protest in the late 60s to promote Ray-ban eyewearImpact images are a choice very common to raise awareness for things, as images are easier to remember than words, and more powerful.
The slogan in this case is just an explanation of what the advert stands for.
Graphic pictures to promote awareness of the dangers of driving and talking on the phone
Sushi made with plastic to remind us of the effects of the material in the seaHowever, it is not a combination that works only for awareness campaigns. Choosing a nice catchphrase can do the job for every product.
First part of an advertising campaign involving an overweight man strippingAdvertising based on slogans require specific targets, and a specific place can help.
Daihatsu 6 seats car to pick up 5 more women than a Lamborghini
Taxi advert on a bus stop panel: "If you hate waiting, raise your hand"Irreverent and controversial adverts are always hit on. What will make people talk more about you than a slogan based on gender stereotypes?
Tea brand relies on the Golden Age syndrome to show it's goodMattress and bedding brand Sealy goes beyond, and changes the ending of a famous children story. A different but still happy ending.
What if Prince Philip decided to leave Sleeping Beauty sleep and...joined her?Rethorics make it possible to turn the negative into positive, like this café using a negative review to attract customers. It surely shows confidence in themselves if you are willing to take the challenge to disprove the detractors.
'Come in and try the worst meatball sandwhich that guy on Yelp ever had in his life' on a black boardIf you have a product or brand but not the worst meatballs of someone’s life you can still be part of the advertising game. It’s enough to have a team of brilliant creatives working for you.
Advertising for an Irish pub playing with the height of letters to suggest a message by writing anotherThere aren’t images in it, it just plays with measures in writing the slogan. The complete ad reads: The naked truth about our waitresses is that they only flirt with you to get a better tip. When the customers discover it, they probably have paid for their Guinness already. Advertising at its best.

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