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Some of the Best Movie Posters Ever Created [40 Photos]

Have you ever fell in love with a movie poster? Probably most of us did. Most people just love watching movies. But have we really appreciate this common and yet eloquent artwork? When have these movie posters started? Do they really have a beginning? With that, we need to travel back in time and see when they started.

In the early days, movie stars were unknown because their names did not appear on posters. The movie studios liked it that way so they wouldn’t have to pay more money to actors. Until such time when movie studios realized that actors were as much an attraction for the moviegoers as the movie itself. So the movie star was born. And that gave birth to movie posters. Movie posters started showcasing the names of the actors and the title of the movie, as well

During the golden years of silent movies, posters became more artistic and spectacular. But when the second world war broke out. It forced studios and film producers to cut back in their budget; thus cutting cost even with their advertisement including movie posters. Movie posters during the 60’s era depicted the changing social climate. As things progressed, the posters began to reflect the changing attitude of people toward violence and sex. The use of photographic art has taken over the printedartwork. The 70’s era popularized black movies, somewhat tearing down the demarcation of races.Movie posters from Star wars and Star trek were much admired. They were responsible for making movie poster collectors out of many fans, as movie poster collections rapidly progresses through the years. It has also become fashionable; it even sprouted various video poster stores.

Everyone would agree that the now popular movie poster has a long and rich history. A piece of art that is so often-overlooked by many, but a variable tool which flourished in history. It’s good to know that nowadays more and more people appreciate movie posters, thus in the long run they eventually call themselves collectors.

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