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Beautiful Shots By Digital Photographer Murray Thompson

We’ve all sat on the train, longingly staring out the smudged windows at the blur of green, grey and blue. As the world passes by ever so quickly, where isn’t there beauty in that? But have you looked further into what you can see? Murray Thompson a digital photographer, captures the concept of visual unawareness perfectly with his “Train Windows” collection – a series of images taken on public trains around the country.

 “I love what glass and it’s reflective properties can do to an otherwise normal view.” – Thompson.

Another collection, “By The River” is a selection of photographs taken along the North east Coast whilst a casual walk with a friend as they “passed by things that are usually just ignored, beautiful piles of objects washed up by the Tyne River probably stacked in the most efficient way.”. A wonderful insight into the unwanted, discarded items could be so out of place in nature yet create a sense of placement. Protective swans with their young alongside a dumped rusty trolley, just a lovely contrast.

His passionate quest is to capture the beauty in the mundane, everyday objects and sights that we seem to take fore granted nowadays. We are constantly being challenged by designers, photographers and artists to look outside the box, look further into it or open your eyes. For this second year foundation photography student who has only been shooting for three years, the perception of this ‘beauty’ he seems to visualize this essence with ease and execute beautiful images.

You can see all of Murray’s photographic work on the Behance Network, his work includes both purely photographic as well as some fashion photography. Taking inspiration from the works of photographers such as Trent Parke, Robert Frank and Behance’s own Garmonique. Yet Murray also looks into music and literature including; Camus, Cohen, Waits, the blues, Burroughs, Bukowski, Steinbeck, Dostoyevsky to name a few. “The inherent truth behind their work inspires my search for the same.”. Murray Thompson, a clearly talented upcoming photographer who’s work is definitely worth taking a look.

Editor’s Note: This article was written By Jasmine Rees

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