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The Most Beautiful Photographs from Stumbleupon

Beautiful Photographs are all over the web but there are only a few places that you can find quality photographs gathered together. Today we are showcasing  more than 20 handpicked beautiful photographs from the great network stumbleupon. There are more than 8.000.000 stumbles everyday and its impossible to keep up with the good content. These beautiful photographs that we are presenting below were selected within 3 days and maybe you have seen some of them before because these are the most popular photos that we have found.

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More Beautiful Photographs

Zodiac Light 

beautiful photography

Young Heart

young girl

Super Moon 2012

supermoon 2012

Student Punch

student punch

Steve Jobs

Steve jobs miniature

Sperm Whale

sperm whale

Shower Time

shower time

Robert Peraza

robert peraza

The Cute Scene

start wars ride


cute pig


beautiful photography


The stunning snaps were taken by keen photographer Eko Adiyanto, 40, who used a special macro technique to get up close and personal with the fascinating creatures.’There are a lot of insects roaming around near my house and I find it really interesting. I use macro photography to find out more about what they do.

beautiful photography


beautiful photographs

Cute Fox

sleeping fox

Field of Dreams

dream field

Dust Storm


Cute Girl

cute girl

The Cookie and the Dog

cookie dog

Colorful Tree

colorful tree

Northern Lights 

northern lights



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