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Beautiful Houses from Around the World

About a year ago we have published an article about beautiful houses and it got more than twelve million views. Our architecture category is very popular and it attracts various types of readers, therefore we thought that it would be a great idea if we create a fresh article about beautiful houses. The collection below is from various popular architects that caught our attention with their projects.

One thing that they all have in common is unique exterior design and material use, and if you want to explore similar options for your home make sure to call Tredent Contracting Services who are experts in roofing, siding, masonry and waterproofing.

Red Cliff House

MAP Architects designed the imposing Redcliffs House, a contemporary residence located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Floating on a steeply sloping site, the residence offers amazing views of the neighboring estuary, beach and the Kaikoura mountain ranges beyond. According to the architects, “the plan of the home was dictated by the local climate and the topography of the site. The home ‘sits its bum’ on the highest point of the site and spans across to a concrete block bridgehead at the lower end. Integrated into the bridgehead is the main garage, which may be adapted into an art studio for the client. The building floats above its sloping site, providing a shaded landscaped space beneath“. Probably the most spectacular feature of the residence- the pool area- aligns to the beautiful views, providing the feeling of reigning over the city and estuary. The interior design is highly contemporary, enriched by artful additions throughout.

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Modern Residence – Hillcrest House

Defined by a terraced landscaped garden welcoming owners and friends, this residence showcases its stone entrance and wood architecture pierced by glazed openings on a slightly sloping site. The modern construction came to be known as the Hillcrest House and is part of Victoria Design Group‘s portfolio. Both the front and the backside garden were limited by stone terraces planted with greenery, softening the overall appearance and integrating huge rocks into the manicured landscape. A glass-delimited terrace captures views of large stretches of water and this panorama extends to the floor-to-ceiling windows in the social zones. Honey colored and bright, a modern kitchen shares the space with a TV lounge zone and opens to an outdoor terrace. Pebbles at the base of the stairs and the stone wall defining the space behind one of the beds are reminiscent of the outdoor use of materials and extend the influence of natural materials inside. Details make this place unique – can you spot your favorite design element?

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Small But Modern Property

Extensions are a great solution for adding extra space with a limited budget. A carefully designed collection of new rooms can be successfully integrated within the existing architecture to shape the owner’s needs for larger spaces. A great example is Villa SK designed by Austrian studio Atelier Thomas Pucher. Private spaces like the bedrooms and bathrooms remained sheltered by the existing house, while new living spaces were defined within the newly added construction. Hardwood floors and a brick wall were captured in between glass walls to create a very bright living space continuing with two large beams resting on the natural stone wall at the other end. This encloses an outdoor space defined by the existence of a tree and completes a modern extension of comfort based on the integration of natural elements in the owner’s daily encounter with contemporary architecture. After seeing the studio’s work on the estate housing made of penthouses stacked on top of each other – the Tartu Rebase Street – we understand how inspiration can lead to designing customized living solutions for each client.

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Luxury Beautiful Houses

Designed by illustrious architect William Stephenson and located at 1705 Angelo Drive in Beverly Hills, this stunning villa was built back in 1956 and renovated to compose a modern environment for a relaxed contemporary lifestyle. Flooded with natural light through tall windows in spaces with 12 foot ceilings, the house opens towards a perfectly manicured back garden with an inviting wood deck surrounding the irregular swimming pool. A green lawn constructs a powerful connection to natural colors and the trees help define this house’s architectural language. Priced at $3,999,900, the glamorous Californian residence showcases its 5,060 square feet under high ceilings and has features that bring it close to perfection: “Beautiful Terrazzo flooring flowing throughout grand open rooms. Gourmet kitchen with custom stone counter, first class Wolf & Subzero appliances, large center island & 4-top breakfast area. Grand Hallway with art gallery leading to the master suite. Hi-Tech alarm system, cabana room, lighted waterfall & natural light 3 car garage. ” With four private bedrooms and five baths, the beautiful houses construction neighbors multi-million dollar estates.

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Exquisite Villa

Defining the necessities of a luxurious lifestyle, this exquisite villa located at 818 N Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills boasts a unique combination of building materials – stone, glass and wood – composing a functional, well-proportioned property. Spreading over 9,302 square feet, the two story residence features four bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, a private spa and swimming pool and a large collection of extraordinary spaces beautifully designed to astound anyone who has the privilege of visiting. Additional spaces like the gym, China storage and art storage room give this home a sense of customized art-loving collection of spaces. Located in the sought after 800 block of the flats in Beverly Hills, the imposing residence is part of Leonardo Umansky’s portfolio. Featured in “The World’s Best 100 Homes” edited by Images Publishing, this exceptional example of luxury architecture displays its luscious cluster of social and private spaces with an unprecedented proudness. Priced at $12,850,000, the fabulous villa would make a splendid residence for those who know how to appreciate it.

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The Glass Home

Proudly nestled in a wooded property in Washington State, USA, Port Ludlow Residence is a contemporary residential project implemented by the creative team at FINNE Architects. The impressive 2400 square feet glass home sits along a high bank, with great views of the water. Here is more from the architects regarding the structure of the project: “The main living volume is completely glazed, with 12-ft. high glass walls facing the view and large, 8-ft.x8-ft. sliding glass doors that open to a slightly raised wood deck, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space. During the warm summer months, the living area feels like a large, open porch. Anchoring the north end of the living space is a two-story building volume containing several bedrooms and separate his/her office spaces“. Acting as the social core of the residence, the double-height living room abounds in natural light and showcases a minimalist, yet welcoming design. Sustainable features of the project include large overhangs for sun and rain protection, recycled steel siding for maximum durability and a heat pump mechanical system for maximum energy efficiency.

port ludlow residence

Memory House

Located in a residential complex in northern Madrid, the Memory House is another powerful project adding to the impressive portfolio of architecture studio A-cero, led by Joaquin Torres & Rafael Llamazares. The residence was carefully embedded within the pines and oaks “inhabiting” the construction site and displays a bold exterior, defined by white marble, bamboo wood and curving shapes. Structured on three levels, the house accommodates three en suite bedrooms on the first floor, social area on the middle level and the garage, service area and other facilities in the basement. The architects further describe their design approach: “Suggestive forms of architecture are introduced into the interior of the house thanks to a furniture design with plenty of curves. We have to highlight the kitchen, with an A-cero design that follows the thread of the project. The finishing is made of wood and White Corian. The furniture in the house combines the A-cero designed ones with other elements chosen by the property, where simplicity and elegance are the general trend. The white color, flooding the room, is mixed with warmer tones in browns and grays.”

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Beautiful House in Matiatia Bay

An arrangement of freestanding structures around a sheltered central courtyard rests in a saddle above Matiatia Bay. The natural undulations of the saddle have been subtly emphasized to form a natural setting for three roofed structures and freestanding raised pool. Inspiration for the site came from a study of lightweight, canopy- like structures, tensioned to the ground plane. Draped roof planes are tensioned to the surrounding landscape over interior and exterior spaces.

beautiful minimal house

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