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SmokingDesigners as you have probably already figured is part of the Cloudie Network which is a group of creative websites. As a website we attract a wide readership of graphic designers, photographers and web developers. Our readers are constantly looking for creativity and for new products or services that will make their job comfortable.  They love well designed websites and good looking User interfaces, they care a lot about innovation and inspiration and more specifically for content that helps with their daily routine. They code, listen to music, design, produce graphics but most of all they love being who they are. SmokingDesigners is here to inspire them and this why we are quality maniacs. We invest great amounts of time every week into writing and editing fresh unique articles for our audience in order to get the best possible user experience.

Traffic & Subscribers

We have about 400.000 page-views every month from which 60% is developers/designers 20% inspiration enthusiasts and the rest of our audience is a mix of architects, bloggers and photographers. The source of our visitors is mostly from the United States 50% while 20% from Europe. The rest is a mix of other countries including Germany, England, France, Canada. We’ve recently started to  promote our RSS feed along with our Newsletter and so far we have managed to get 2100 RSS subscribers and 3700 Newsletter subscribers. We have been tweeting and posting a lot since the beginning of SmokingDesigners which resulted 90.000 twitter followers and 20.000 Facebook Fans. We use our Facebook page to inspire all kinds of readers by promoting creative photographs from the web on a daily basis.


 Text Link Ads

We do offer contextual advertisments inside our articles but also we can create fresh articles related to your keywords that will help you rank better and also share with your link our domain authority. You may also purchase text link ads in our footer area (site-wide). *We do not accept products or services irrelevant to our niche.


If you are interested on showcasing your products or services to our audience this is the best solution. We offer you a sponsored review in which we will describe your products and services in detail with videos or photographs. You may also purchase a sponsored review for websites and we will do our best to promote your page.

Banner Ads

We are currently cooperating with the BuySellAds Network therefore you can go ahead and purchase any month-to-month banner you wish from the list below. If you are interested for long term banner advertisement we offer 3 – 6 and 12 months with great discounts. All you have to do is Contact Us.

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