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5 Things To Keep In Mind With your Mobile Web Design

Responsive Web Design is huge right now; it makes the most sense for your Web Design to adapt to different viewports to meet the insanely rapid growing mobile audiences. There’s no doubt about it; Responsive Web Design is the correct way to design and develop a website. That being said, there is definitely some things you must consider before getting ready to prepare your mobile design and development. You can also try  this mobile website design software.

1.) Usability.

The usability of your website will drastically need to be rethought at mobile; this should go with out saying. A good general practice could be condensing your design into a vertical layout.


2.) iFrames (duh, duh, duhhh)

Anyone that has ever touched Web Development and optimization for mobile; will know how daunting the iFrame is, actually the iFrame in general is pretty terrible across. It’s specifically a pain with certain mobile devices that seam to ignore it’s inline styles attached with it. You may be pulling in a WordPress blog at a section of your homepage; it does the trick pretty seamlessly across desktop, however, on mobile you might notice the blog pulling in the area isn’t contained by the set widths at mobile.


3.) Fixed elements and Navigation.

This is another tricky one; Most of the time it’s no problem having those ‘Fixed’ top bars or navigation’s when your viewing on iOS / iPhone, HOWEVER, for some odd reason many Android Devices, such as the Incredible HTC 2 completely ignores the ‘position: fixed’ element, and you’ll find that this effect simply will not work for many of these devices. There has also been occasional problems holding this property on some iPads.


4.) Those fancy Vertical Scrolling Parallax layouts.

Yeah, Yeah — so trendy. Everywhere you’re seeing them; they make sense, you have a good amount of information, all presentable on just one page, while being stylish and modern. What gives? See ‘Fixed Elements and Navigation’ above for one. For two, you may find it difficult to find a script that functions smoothly across platforms — if your not careful, you’ll have a super long bogus website with your fixed elements dead and the ‘scroll’ turned into an anchor point jump.


5.) Banner ads

There’s just no doubt about it; you’re going to have to rethink and try pretty hard to keep your banner ads across viewports. I don’t think a jQuery mobile accordion titled ‘Banner Ads >>‘ would entice the user to click it and check it out to discover a boxer brief ad from K-Mart.

Conclusion; look at Mobile Optimization as almost an entirely new Web Design — if you have the time, it would be most accurate to Design and Optimize one for all the common viewports; each device pushes the user toward a different experience, the website displaying within it, should respond.


About the Author: Cameron Cashwell is a Freelance Web Designer + Developer / Rock n’ Roll Enthusiast + Bicycle Rider based out of Brooklyn, New York. View his website at http://www.itsadcoi.com.

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