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5 Dynamic Contemporary Art Ideash 2

5 Dynamic Contemporary Art Ideas

From the living room to the bedroom, you can transform every room in your house with one simple addition: a piece of contemporary art. Whether you hang a framed piece of art on the wall or situate a sculpture on a table, contemporary art can act as a room’s focal point or a complimentary addition to the room’s decor. Whether you’re redecorating an old home or have just purchased a house and land and have to start the home’s décor from scratch, there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Five simple but dynamic contemporary art décor ideas will do the job.

1. Pop Culture Art

Andy Warhol made art out of soup cans and photos of celebrities. His bright, eclectic take on pop culture remains a popular example of contemporary art even decades later. A Warhol-esque pop culture piece can be an ironic statement on the ridiculous level of media hype we place on celebrities as a culture, or it can simply be a funky shrine to your favourite piece of pop culture.

Pop culture paintings can look great as large pieces on the wall, hanging over a bed or a sofa, drawing all eyes to it. But it can also be a smaller framed piece on a table or a bold pattern on wallpaper. It needn’t be in a typical frame, either. You can buy pop culture pieces on items such as surf boards or skate boards and show off your love of a hobby while you’re at it.

2. The Written Word

Sometimes a passage in a book, a quotation from a famous thinker, or a favourite quote from a beloved film can resonate with you. Some people get tattoos of favourite lines or passages. You can show your love for a line with contemporary art.

Look for framed examples of the written word used as art, or create it yourself with calligraphy of that beloved line or word. You can also have the written word wrapped around sculptures or jars, on coasters on a table or dotted across wallpaper. The presentation of the word or line is just as important as the meaning when it comes to contemporary art.

3. Bright Colour

Contemporary art is often distinguishable by the use of bright, bold colours. When looking for a piece of art to accessorize a bright, bold room, contemporary art is better suited to match the colour scheme than a pastel impressionist work of art, for example. On the other hand, a single piece of bright, bold colour art in an otherwise muted or neutral room is great for drawing the eyes straight to the artwork and works just as well.

You don’t have to get a piece of art labelled “contemporary art.” Even a brightly coloured vase could be your contemporary art style contribution to a room’s décor.

4. Splattered Paint

Going along with the bright and bold colour scheme you’ll find in many works of contemporary art is the splattered paint tableau like the works of Jackson Pollock. Splattered paint art makes a bold statement without seeming kitschy to the viewer like a piece of contemporary pop culture art might. It works just as well on a piece of framed canvas as it does on a pattern used for a sofa cover or quilt. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to find, too, especially if you don’t particularly care which artist created the design.

5. Simple Shapes

Another perfect example of the use of bright and bold colours in contemporary art is the use of simple shapes in dynamic colours. You’ll find art in the shape of squares and rectangles, triangles and circles, and whatever shapes appeal to you. A canvas painting will look beautiful over a sofa, bed or fireplace, or you can create your own arrangement of brightly coloured shapes with coasters or vases you arrange on a table.

Contemporary art can add meaning, flavour and a burst of inspiration to any room in the house. Contemporary art might seem overwhelming to the casual art lover, but there’s no need for it to be, says famous NYC interior designer Maria Brito. Buy what connects with you — it doesn’t have to be a reproduction of something famous. If it works for you, it’ll be a welcome addition to your home.


About the Author: Glen McNear is a contributing writer, professional artist and interior decorator living near Elmswood Keysborough. He commends the gorgeous scenery and the stunning homes in the community for much of his inspiration and frequently recommends that clients move there.

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