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45+ Wonderful Examples of Fireworks Photography

Perhaps the most awaiting moment that we all love to watch during every festival is when the spectacular fireworks are set to display. The loud bangs and booms, stunning colors and twinkling sparks in the dark sky make it very captivating to our eyes. People enjoy seeing the sky that is becoming alive with starbursts and showering lights.

These beautiful multicolored explosions of fireworks display are captured through photography. To take the best fireworks photos, you need to plan ahead of time. Finding the best spot is the first thing that you will to consider so that you can have a good view of the fireworks display. Setup a tripod. Make sure to set your camera into a manual focus, night portrait mode and set the zoom of the lens to cover the area where the fireworks will be taken. Also, to take good shots, you may take a series of continuous shots by setting the camera into continuous shooting mode.

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    I love your sites/work… lovely

    Im no pro just decent amature and old at that. long ago i did pages thru tripod using html but id love to have a page setup sim to what u have tho lots less (just a hobby) so I can get my poics out there to be seen. Im not well and Id like to leave my mark of capturing the beauty of the awesome nature this desert beholds.
    thnx for sharin all ur lovely sites thru twitter… tho im no social media buff i do enjoy reading post there and lookin great stuff


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    Really thanks for your kind words Hagd!

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