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3D Cartoon Character Designs

Remember your old favorite cartoon on TV when you were a kid? There is something about these endearing cartoon characters that instantly transports us back to our childhood. It makes us remember all those happy memories that came with being a kid, imagination wild, absolutely no worries at all, and long afternoons with an endless supply of ice-cream and cartoons! You might still have a favorite character from those cartoons, and when someone asks you what was your favorite cartoon character growing up as a kid, you probably answer promptly “Pink Panther”, “Tom and Jerry”, “Spider man”, “Superman”, “Thunder cats”, “Little Mermaid” or “Bugs Bunny!”

Now when we think of cartoons, an entirely new genre has made its way into the market. 3D cartoons! And with the new 3D cartoon films, a plethora of new cartoon characters for young and old to love, cherish and idealize. Who would not love the likes of Nemo, or the Ice Age characters? Shrek and Madagascar are everyone’s favorites. Whereas, there is hardly a soul that has not been fascinated by the Incredibles, Rio, Sharktale, Megamind or the Oscar award winning film, Up. They are brilliant films with amazing cartoon characters and have managed to entertain a growing number of people from all walks of life, not to mention, all ages! With the 3D technology, these cartoon characters have been made ever more charming than the old cartoons we grew up with. But whether they are the old ones or their new and improved 3D versions, they easily transport us into that magical, colorful world of make-believe!

Now you can relive the experience of those long ago days with these cartoons characters! Enjoy.

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