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20 Tumblr Blogs that Break the Mould

Since its launch in 2007, tumblr has opened up blogging to an entirely new and untapped audience. Its ‘out of the box’ interface lets you blog within minutes and the notion of ‘microblogging’ has led to an almost completely new style in how people curate content. Now, in 2012, there are a stonking 69.4million tumblr blogs on the web. Depending on how much available time you have, you’ll stumble across a wide array of blogs where niches hold no boundaries. From bizarre art and poignant musings, to portfolio sites and gorgeous photos; here’s a showcase of the most customized, original and professional looking Tumblr sites currently on the inter-web.


Heather (Hrrrthrrr – see what she did there?) is a designer from LA and her Tumblr blog is gorgeous to look at and has a style all of her own.

Art in my Coffee

People are invited to create art in their coffee foam and send it in to be published on this chic blog. Barristas (professionals and amateurs) everywhere need to see this! Latte art never looked better in this 40s setting.

Gary’s Real Life

Who is Gary? He’s a professional imaginary friend according to his blurb. The animated character updates with stylistic, witty and topical cartoons.

Name That Film

Does exactly what it promises. Features screenshots from films that you’re invited to guess the name of. In a simple, easy to use design – sometimes less is more. Great timewaster. Infuriating but fun.

Domo Nom Nom

Use anything to feed the Japanese style Nom Nom monster. Some are silly – like Woody from Toy Story. Some are topical – like Vuvuzelas during the World Cup. Award winning design

Doug Neiner

Doug is a very clever creative director of a gaming studio, who uses Tumblr to great effect. He posts informative videos and more personal stuff on this really polished blog

A Boy in Mid Air

Such a simple, clean design befits this art director and curator’s collection of beautiful ideas and images.

Karen Abad

Static illustrations by this illustrator/designer frame the blog as it is scrolled through, keeping her theme continuous.


The fact that the person with the ‘opinions’ seems to be holding them up for you really emphasises the point of this blog.

It’s the Interweb

This blog showcases audio and video items within a well-ordered theme. It’s gorgeous to look at and easy to use. What more could you want?


The vintage look of this blog is complemented by the fading thumbnail images and yellowing sticky tape.

Sarah Blo

Sarah uses multiple header logos flashing up to add interest to this blog. The background gives an immediate insight into what she’s all about too.

From Me to You

A blog which incorporates the photographer’s interests – vintage cameras and old typewriters – into the design. Free fact: This lady co-founded the cinemagraph movement. [http://cinemagraphs.com/]

Jonathan Moore

This guy actually makes Tumblr theme designs, so you’d expect something good. This is a professional looking site that presents his abilities well.

Allison Weiss

This songstress has customised her Tumblr to suit her ‘brand’ with original typography and a monochrome theme.

Eat Sleep Draw

This page is really popular amongst designers – it’s the largest user submitted blog on Tumblr. It’s a great way for creative people to share in a community.

Gonzo the Great

Possible copyright infringement? But great imagery and type featured on this blog.


This web designer takes on an exploration and travel theme to promote his work.


For a guy who posts quick fun stuff about technology, this is all the background that is needed. Nice typeface too.

These awesome tumblr’s were compiled by the folks at PrinterInks.com; the UK’s leading suppliers of printer cartridges up and down the UK.

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