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20 Inspiring and Stylish Photographs

Inspiring and Stylish Photographs is a similar article as the posts of a series we’ve done. We decide to stop this series “Daily Fashion” and continue with an independent post that we will post it transient. The content of these articles will be inspirational photographs that have relations with fashion. Shoes, Bags, Clothes, Accessories and more in a combination of style will be your trigger for your personal creative look. I hope you’ll enjoy these inspiring & stylish photographs!

Meet Cassie

The creator of the famous fashion blog cFashion, she’s optimistic, generous, 24/7 happy and adorable. She obviously has passion for fashion, she likes photography & style with a preference of black & white photos, traveling and exploring the world.

  • Artmiss_7

    wow that was amazing, Loves these photos so much. 

  • http://www.smokingdesigners.com Evan Varsamis

    Glad you liked them, stay tuned. 

  • Rob ONeill

    Excellent photography. The sickly, stick figure, anorexic, models look ghastly. Don’t promote women starving themselves into life-long sicknesses and damage to their bodies for the sake of a photo or a fashion. Choose healthy, fresh, models. Promote that and in so doing, encourage these near-death looking young women models to EAT and get their health and sanity back. Using these sickly models encourages them to keep on starving themselves in order to stay employed. It’s a back-door form of woman abuse to support what these poor girls are doing to their bodies. For God’s sake, they look like inmates at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

  • http://smokingdesigners.com/ Cassie

    I don’t think that a thin girl considered as anorexic but if you believe that there isn’t something we can do because that is fashion and that content released in the web. We have not any intention to promote anorexic girls we just want to inspire people.